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Mom always knew best. She knew we had faults, but was always in our corner. And when we forgot how great we were, she reminded us. If Mom were a social storyteller, she’d be 10 Great Reasons. Our motto (and hers): Be proud of your story. And if it needs telling, tell it. Nobody else is going to. And if they do, it won’t always be the best version.

The organization you lead matters. What that organization does, and how it serves others is extraordinarily meaningful. Through it, you are changing lives, and those lives are changing our world. Maybe you’re a school educating young people. Maybe you’re a domestic violence shelter providing safe harbor. Maybe you’re a community of faith providing hope. Maybe you’re a chamber of commerce promoting opportunity. Maybe you’re a mayor promoting community. These and other initiatives are making a difference in our world. The amazing, highly personal stories behind your work are like ‘grip-points’ on your organization. They enable others to grab ahold and be moved by what has moved you. They offer insight to where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how you’ll get there. And they serve as a kind of shorthand for your vision. For people to engage in your vision, they have to see it. And a well-told story, from a very personal perspective, can represent the shortest distance between your vision and your audience.

We tell stories. Your stories. We get to know your organization and the community it serves, identify 10 Great Reasons why you matter; how you serve that community, and how best to engage your target audience. Those 10 reasons become the stories we tell; stories people will remember. Stories that will move people to action.

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