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We begin with a simple premise: Organizations must tell their story regularly and with laser-focused clarity. The vast majority of organizations, especially nonprofits, are so busy doing the important work of their organizations that they can’t find the time — and often, the budget — to do this well. We so strongly believe in the importance of good storytelling, and its power to move an audience to action through TOMA (top of mind awareness), that we wanted to create a simple, straightforward, executable system you could use right away to change the visibility and impact of your organization.


We work with you and a cross-section of your audience to identify 10 of your most compelling strengths. You’ve got more than 10, but for now, we’ll just focus on 10. You may be surprised to to learn what your audience sees as your organizational strengths. That’s why it’s important for us to engage your audience in a bit of discussion.

A well-told story has the power to engage, amuse, inform, educate, and move people to action. We aren’t just writers or editors or filmmakers; we think of ourselves as raconteurs. A special kind of storyteller who finds clever, creative ways to connect directly to the emotional center of your audience. We produce your stories with the written word, images, and cinematic storytelling — video. We’ll use uncommon approaches so your story will stand out. Extraordinarily. Positively. Professionally.

Your story has no power until you share it with an audience. The right audience. So we do 4 important things. First, we craft a beautiful, responsive website to house your 10 Great Reasons, along with all the video assets. Next, we create an attention-grabbing printed piece to promote your story to an analog world. You choose from a gorgeous lineup of pre-designed templates. Third, we create a separate Facebook page for your 10 Great Reasons, and seed it with lots of good content. And, finally, we provide compelling social content updates on your Facebook page, at no cost, for 90 days. After that, you can decide if you’d like to maintain your page yourself, or have us continue to do it for you. 1-2-3-4. Easy-peasy. 

Your community values what you do. They want to see you keep doing it. There is financial support for what you do from the members of the community you serve. We know how to work with these special members of your community to gain sponsorship support for your story. Many of these sponsors who operate businesses and other organizations, not only value your organization, but also value the kind of soft exposure their support for your organization can give them. In most cases, your entire 10 Great Reasons campaign can be financially underwritten by this soft sponsorship.

Great organizations don’t just tell their story once. They tell it over and over and over. The same is true with 10 Great Reasons. We want to help you keep your story in front of your audience day after day, year after year. We want to help you serve your community by attracting greater interest in your story. Ideally, your 2017 campaign will roll into your 2018 campaign, and your 2019 campaign, and so on. A fresh batch of small stories will continue to promote your big story — why you matter. Use the 10 Great Reasons storytelling system to remain top-of-mind with your audience and to regularly remind everyone of your organizational relevance.