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Every school, community, business, event, place or nonprofit has a story. And virtually every opportunity to share your well-crafted story is an opportunity to more deeply engage your audience. Failure to tell your story well— or to tell it at all— will injure your ability to grow, or even maintain, your organizational momentum. Because audience engagement matters, the stories you can credibly tell become your shareable brand-identity: who you are, why you matter, and what your clients, members, or audience can expect from you.

A well-told, authentic story can lead to more customers or members, better relationships with the ones you have, stronger team recruitment, greater participation, a deeper bench, and lower marketing costs through social word of mouth. There really is no downside to effectively sharing your story. It’s all good.

10 Great Reasons is focused on helping you find and engage your audience through well-conceived storytelling, head-turning design, and effective media management.

We exist because your story matters.