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10 is a powerful number. We’ve been conditioned our entire lives to regard 10 as important. Learning to count to 10 in any language becomes a milestone for learners. Thanks to David Letterman, the top 10 list has been a standard for years. The attention span of most people begins to fade at eleven, and yet nine doesn’t quite satisfy. So we construct our storytelling platform around 10 Great Reasons, having fun with it as we go. Counting off your Great Reasons for being, creates a positive tension readers and viewers enjoy.

Once we’ve settled on your 10 Great Reasons, we’ll construct four very powerful media formats designed to connect you to your audience with maximum impact. First, we will construct a beautifully-produced 2-minute cinematic story, summarizing your 10 Great Reasons. Next, we will create a gorgeous, responsive website, which will serve as your 10 Great Reasons online home-base. We’ll build out a special social media presence, amplifying your message through Facebook and Instagram. Finally, we’ll create a unique printed version of your 10 Great Reasons to circulate amongst your off-line audience and prospective audience.

Because great stories are a moving target, we recommend freshening-up your 10 Great Reasons on an annual basis. Keeping your story in the top-of-mind position with your audience is a critically important, but often overlooked, key to cultivating a great brand. Ready to get started? Let’s count to 10.